How I Create And Sell Digital Products In A Day

David Frosdick
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A Beginners Guide πŸ™Œ

In this micro video course, you will discover how I create small digital products and list them for free and for sale on Gumroad.

You will get to watch over my shoulder as I create, build, design graphics and list my free template on Gumroad.

This course walks you through:

  • Where I got the inspiration for a free Notion template.
  • How I built the template.
  • Listing the template on Gumroad.
  • How I designed the Notion style thumbnail graphic in Canva.
  • How I designed the Notion style cover graphic in Canva.
  • How I built the automated post-purchase email sequences.
  • How I linked the Gumroad and ConvertKit emails.
  • How I set it live and got my first download

What is covered in the course?

  • Video 1 - Intro & Content (3 min)
  • Video 2 - Inspiration (4 min)
  • Video 3 - Adding Template to Gumroad (5 min)
  • Video 4 - Making The Gumroad Thumbnail (9 min)
  • Video 5 - Making the Gumroad Cover Image (18 min)
  • Video 6 - Adding Cover Image to Gumroad (2 min)
  • Video 7 - Creating Email Sequences in ConvertKit (7 min)
  • Video 8 - Final Listing Review & Test (5 min)


How do I watch the videos?

  • You can access the full course via Notion or inside of Podia

Are updates free?

  • Yes you will get access to any new video added to the curse

Can I share this with others?

  • No this is strictly for your use only. We feel it's priced fairly to allow everyone to access it.

How are the digital product consulting sessions delivered?

  • I will email you after purchasing and we can schedule your session. It will. be delivered over Google Meet, Zoom, Skype or your preferred method.
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How I Create And Sell Digital Products In A Day

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